Most of the items I make are "one-offs",  no two are ever identical.  If the piece you are interested in has already been sold, I can turn a similar one for you.  I also produce commissioned pieces made to the client's specifications.   
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Banksia Nut Bud Vase
(Oil Finish)
14cm x 6cm (widest point)
Banksia Nut Bud Vase
(Natural Finish)
15cm x 6cm (widest point)
Banksia Nut Bud Vase
( Oil Finish)
12cm x 6cm (widest point)
Damson Bud Vase

19cm x 6.5cm (widest point)
£12.50 £12.50 £12.50 £12.50

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Spalted Ash Bud Vase
15cm x 6cm (widest point)
Laburnum Vase
26cm x 9.5cm
Spalted Silver Birch Bud Vase
16cm x 9cm (widest point)
Spalted Silver Birch Vase
14.5cm x 10cm (widest point)
£12.50 £30 £9 £12.50

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Stained Sycamore Bud Vase
Hornbeam Bud Vase
23cm x 9cm (widest point)
Beaded Walnut Bud Vase
19cm x 8.5cm (widest point)
Walnut Bud Vase
15cm x 8cm (widest point)
£14.50 £14.50 £14.50 £12.50

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Hornbeam Bud Vase
20cm x 8cm (widest point)
Chestnut Bud Vase
14cm x 10cm (widest point)
£12.50 £12.50